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The Boyer Family 2009

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I wish you all love, happiness, and good times with your family and friends!  On this special holiday its only fitting to post my first family shoot to celebrate the gift of life and family!  Enjoy! I’m sure you’ve heard of Jon and Kate plus 8, well this is Michael and Jennie […]

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New Moon

I love Edward Cullen…I can say it over and over again like a broken record and never be bored.  I am surprised that Brian hasn’t already choked me to death…hmmm however, he did sneer at me the other day out of sheer annoyance.  My poor baby…Hehe if you haven’t noticed…I am indeed a Twilight addict!!! […]

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Nyla & Greg: San Juan Capistrano Engagement – Part II

Nyla and Greg’s entire engagement shoot was a blast to say the least, but the second part was particularly fun as they changed outfits and transcended into different characters.  Don’t you just love their fashion sense? Thanks Nyla and Greg for being such wonderful models and a delight to work with.  I can’t wait for […]

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