About Virginia

vvprofileI graduated in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in history from UCLA – Go Bruins! Enrolling in the summer, study abroad program in Paris was unquestionably the most memorable experience I had while in college.  All the places I visited in the City of Love, took my breath away.

Photography is part of history.  We take pictures so that we can preserve and relive the past.  Unless you have discovered the much sought after Fountain of Youth, then you’re probably like me – a person who believes that life is too short…  My favorite professor once said, “I am not sure what else is beyond this but what I do know is that life is all about memories; we need to remember and capture all of the unforgettable memories that makes us who we are today.”  This one liner hit me like an anvil because for someone with a two second memory, these unforgettable memories become forgettable rather quickly.  So it’s important that we capture the essence of time. How can we do this?  Uh ha!  You guessed it.  Yes, the solution is to take lots of pictures!  Not just ordinary pictures, but pictures instilled with life.

Aside from spending time snapping away with my camera to capture the beauty of idyllic moments and seeing life in different perspectives behind various lenses, in my spare time, I enjoy sketching, scrap booking, traveling, playing scrabble, watching movies, bike riding, camping, eating at new restaurants, snowboarding, and hanging out with my hubby, family, and friends.

Random fact:  Those who know me, know that my appetite for trying new food is insatiable.  I would try anything, yes ANYTHING if it’s edible, not just once but twice.  Throw me on Fear Factor and I guarantee, I’ll take the exotic eating challenge course!

This is my domain to share my photos, thoughts, updates and parts of my life!  Let me provide you with a personal and one-of-a kind experience resulting in creative images that encapsulates the joy and beauty of your special moments.  If you like what you see, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me.